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Sex Trafficking Facts

Who is Sex Trafficked:

Victims of sex trafficking can be any gender, socioeconomic class, and ethnicity.


Individuals who have experienced previous violence, whether domestic violence or sexual assault/abuse, are more at-risk for being trafficked.​


More than 50% of minors trafficked for sex are runaways.


Victims may also be forced to recruit, manage, and discipline other victims which could make them appear to be traffickers.


15,645 Victims of

Sex Trafficking were identified

in the US in 2019

1 in 4

Trafficking Victims

are Minors

California Consistently has the Highest Rate of Trafficking Reports in the U.S. 

How Traffickers Control Victims

Shame and Blackmail - by convincing the victim they are worthless and made to be used for sex, by threatening the victim with sharing explicit content of them, or by making them complicit in a crime.

Obligation - by convincing the victim that their trafficker is really their rescuer, forced loyalty, or addiction to substances

Pregnancy and Children - by impregnating the victim, denying medical treatment while pregnant, forcing abortion, taking away their child, or making threats to harm their child

Isolation - by taking away the victim's phone, limiting their access to others, keeping them under constant monitoring, or physically confining them

Financial Control - by keeping control over the victim's money and possessions

Intimidation and Violence - by routinely using physical violence, threatening to harm the victim or their loved ones, and/or emotionally abusing them.

Trauma Bonding - by convincing the victim they are special and a part of a "family," emotional attachments are made despite the abuse.

How You Can Help

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Your support goes towards meeting survivors needs such as Food and Personal Items, Housing, Transportation, Qualified Therapy, and Emergency Care.

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