The truth is, women need other women. Young girls need mothers, mothers need grandmothers, and grandmothers need young girls to sow into.

It is a beautiful circle where one generation loves and leads the next. 


Connect focuses on two Arukah tenets - Testimony and Mentoring.

We gather to share our stories, to encourage one another, and to learn from one another; To dream together and to be mirrors for another as each of discovers our own unique calling and gifting; To remind ourselves of all that God has done for us and to encourage each other as we have faith for what He will continue to do; To learn from those who have gone before us and to offer wisdom and guidance to those just behind us.


Our goal is to create a safe place for each of us to grow, learn, be known, be vulnerable, and thrive. 

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Sought After

God gave us Sought After through Isaiah 61.

We are dedicated to bring freedom to the captives.

We raise awareness about sex trafficking, give training in prevention and provide care for survivors, so that they may find healing and restoration.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Arukah Project is dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking and restoring every woman to her God-given identity.


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