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Have you ever...
pondered what it means to live out the Christian Life?
felt that God created you for a greater purpose?
yearned to know what that purpose is?
considered the unique attributes God built into you as a woman that will help you thrive in a powerful, life-giving way?

Heather Goode spent the first half of her life attempting to answer these questions. After serving the Lord for over 30 years, the common interpretations of how to live as a Christian woman had left her frustrated, disappointed and exhausted. While everything looked good on the surface, she was struggling to find authenticity, joy and purpose. When her life began to unravel, she realized that she had, in her own words, “clearly missed something,”. Setting out on a deep and intimate journey with God, through His Word, she began to see with new eyes the heart of God as exhibited in the stories of seven heroic women of the Bible, discovering powerful secrets hidden in plain sight. And now, she is passing on to you the missing pieces that she has uncovered.


Because of her intense desire to know God and her persistent search for His heart, God has healed and strengthened her, opening the door to a better way of living. Over the last 7 years, she has shared these life-changing truths with women everywhere, who are getting set free to live the life God has called them to.


You just might find yourself amazed and delighted, encouraged and blessed, as you take your personal journey to discover your true identity and become an audacious, fearless, courageous woman of God.

The Audacious Woman: Living Life Undaunted, Authentic, Courageous

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